About your Scheme Trustees

The role of the Trustee Board
The Trustee Board governs the Scheme and is responsible for its administration, investment strategy and overall management. Most importantly, the Trustee Board ensures that members’ benefits are paid in line with the Scheme Rules.

There are three sub-committees that report to the Trustee Board – the Administration Committee, the Investment Committee and the Sustainable Investment Group. The Trustees also create ad hoc committees for specific projects, like the valuation funding negotiations.

Who is who
There are nine Trustee Directors on the Trustee Board. There are at present three vacancies; two employer-nominated Trustee Director vacancies and one member-nominated Trustee Director vacancy. The current Directors and which committee they're involved are shown in the Meet your Trustees panel on the right.

  • Two of the Trustee Directors are appointed by the AkzoNobel group and are called ‘employer-nominated’ Trustee Directors.

  • Another three Trustee Directors are member-nominated, which means they have been appointed by the Scheme membership.

  • The remaining Trustee Director is ‘independent’. He is part of Law Debenture Pension Trustees plc, a leading firm of specialist pension trustees. 

Want to get involved?
If you’re interested in becoming a Trustee Director of the Scheme and joining the Trustee Board, you can nominate yourself during the member-nominated trustee director selection process. These are held when the term of office of any of the four member-nominated Trustee Directors expires. You will be notified of any selection process and will have the chance to participate.

The Trustees and AkzoNobel
The Trustee Board is established as a company (Akzo Nobel (CPS) Pension Trustee Ltd) and the ‘Trustees’ are its company directors. Although this company is legally owned by AkzoNobel, by law and by its own articles, the Trustees operate independently of the AkzoNobel group, in the best interest of its Scheme members.

If you’d like to find out more about the Trustee Board, read the latest Report and Accounts in the library section.